Is my rabbits odd behavior seizures? strokes? Or something worse?

by Jonathan
(Portland, Oregon)


My name is Jonathan and I am very concerned for my baby rabbit. I have a 3 month old dwarf rex female named Scarlett.

From the day I took her home (about 8 weeks old) her behavior seemed a little odd, almost like she is "disconnected" at times from the world around her. I just chalked it up to being young and adjusting to a new environment.

From day one she was never scared or skittish, literally nothing bothers her. Vacuum? Nope! Being picked up and held? Nope. Loud noise? Nope! Nothing! She loves to snuggle, never runs away, is always just super content with any situation she is experiencing. So content I thought maybe she was deaf, blind or maybe a little of both.

Aside from her odd behavoir (getting to more of that soon, sorry!) Scarlett always eats, drinks, potty's, plays with her toys, runs around, binks, all the things a happy bun should do. Here is where it gets weird and I can't find any answers on the web. Maybe once every week or two (that I have personally observed) she will stop what she is doing and start to shake her body and wobble her head back and forth while rising up on her back legs and sticking her front paws out and tilting her head all the way back until she looses balance and falls over backwards then lays there for a second shaking mildly, as her eyes look like they are rolling back into her head.

This can happen once or up to 3 times in a row and only last about 30 seconds to a minute. Sometimes followed up by a release of her bladder. Once she is done, she just sits for a minute or two looking dazed and confused, then it's back to normal bunny business.

Except for 3 days ago after her last episode, she seems to have lost some of the ability to use her right back leg (she kinda half drags it/half uses it to get around). Partial paralysis?

Is she having seizures or did she have a stroke? The episodes haven't gotten any more or less frequent since I've had her. She is still eating, drinking, pooping, peeing, playing and doesn't seem to be in any pain. Please help!! I am at a loss and very scared for her. I cannot afford a trip to the Vet until payday! Any information or insight as to what might be happening would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You for reading.Jonathan and Scarlett

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