Is my rabbit pregnant?

by Ashley

I tried breeding both my rabbits about 3 weeks ago; both being the buck and doe's first time breeding.

I had them together in a play pen placed in the middle of the room. (I tried my best to ignore them sense I've read that they will not if they have any sort of attention from outside.)

The doe gained some weight but I'm not sure if it's baby weight or fat weight.

I've tried feeling for the marble like feeling in her abdomen but I can't seem to feel anything.

I just moved her a cage with some bedding flooring and she seems to nudge a lot of it out of the way to the walls of the cage. She has not yet started plucking her fur out either. I'm looking forward to kits but I'm not sure if I should try again with breeding and not risk another litter on top of what I already have....

Can anyone help me with any information on anything please?

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