Is my doe likely to be pregnant? Help

by Lauren

You have to really excuse me here. I’m looking for help, not judgement. I’m not naive, or stupid, I generally just didn’t think.

So I have two bunnies.. first I believed was a girl, is now 7 months. Second, I bought approx 4 weeks after the first to keep company, she is now 23 weeks exactly.
please note, I know full well they need to be spayed, and this was/still is my intention. But for the record, they were getting on 100% fine, no issues whatsoever.
At first I kept them separated. Next to each other, but different pens. I would let them out into the big room together and they would happily groom and snuggle. So on the 10th Jan, I decided I would try them together. They lived together with not a single issue, they still really get on today. But on the 10th Feb, I noticed that the first bunny I got (now 7 months old) has balls🤦🏼‍♀️ So is 100% obviously a boy. I didnt notice before as he (still feels odd to say) doesnt like being picked up. He enjoys sitting next to us and having a stroke, but we dont tend to pick him up at all because he isnt keen on it.
When I noticed, I immediately separated the two. I know rabbits can get pregnant from around 12weeks. My question is, how likely is it, that my actual girl (double checked, no balls) could be pregnant? She’s 23weeks. So way past the 12 week mark. I’ve tried to look for hints. But I’m no good with this stuff. I never actually saw him humping her.. but that doesnt mean he didnt when I wasnt around.
They still have pens near eachother, and still lay as close as they can to each other. I believe they have a good bond but I wont be putting them back together until theyve both been neutered. My boy is now booked in to be neutered. I cant really afford to take the girl to the vets to confirm or deny a pregnancy. So I’m just wondering what are the chances? They were living together 24/7 for 4 weeks. From when she was 17weeks.
she hasnt been nest building or showing any signs? I dont want to feel her belly as I’m not an expert and dont want to hurt her. She’s fairly placid and loves a cuddle.
I’m really just looking for whether there is a high or low chance of babies.
Please, I know how silly I have been here. I dont need to feel any worse than I do about it already. Just some help would be great.

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