Introducing dad back to mum and baby rabbits

by Lindsey
(Swindon England )


My female rabbit had babies and since she kindled the buck has been seperated in a different hutch where he can see her as there a bonded pair, i feel he suffered a little depression and his personality changed since being apart from her

He def became anxious and more skittish , I took this opportunity to get him netured , so he can go back to sharing a hutch with her once the babies have been rehomed

My question is I want to keep one baby as it's a little female runt and I feel it would be unfair to sell her & I wouldn't want her to be breed from

How is the best way of getting these bunnys to live together in the same hutch or will it be impossible?

Every time dad has been with mum in the run he is fine , although still a little frisky if he starts pestering her I remove him , as I'm only keeping there visits together brief & under my watchful eye

iv tried him in the run with a couple of babies but he's charged at them and knocked them out the way so he's been removed. & Iv tried him with mum & one baby in the run which he still charged at , he's fine with mum though any advice on what to do is welcomed please

The babies are 7 weeks now & all have homes ready to go to apart from the one I want to keep , cheers

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