I'm pregnant, my usually sweet bunny has started biting me

6 months ago I persuaded my step kids to let their bunny move to my house as I felt it wasn't being looked after properly. This sweet bunny could be picked up and cuddled and was desperate for attention.

I successfully bonded her with my own rabbit fairly quickly and established a good daily routine. They are house bunnies but have their own room, lots of toys, beds, tunnels etc and get out to have supervised play in the evening.

Im now 5 months pregnant and the bunny has started randomly biting my leg in the past couple of weeks (fine with husband and kids), unprovoked, at times when I haven't even realised she was beside me. I haven't changed her routine and I still sit on the floor every night so if they want attention they come for it, I don't pick them up and she is not possessive over food and will choose hay over treats every day.

My other bunny still acts same as normal, loves her new friend, still does tricks for treats and comes for brushing and attention when she wants it.

Has anyone else experienced similar or have any ideas to a solution, or do I just have to ride it out?


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