I'm a newbie at this, what breed are my rabbits?

by Jessica Leigey
(Clearfield, Pennsylvania)

Skittles's 1st photo

Skittles's 1st photo

I just got the two rabbits today from a friend of a friend that was just going to release them in to the wild!

My two children, ages 2 and 6, are thrilled! As am I! However, I don't even know where to start...I want to be a great Monday to these two pretty girls in every way I can so I just want to know some tips on making them feel comfortable and happy.

How do I start to train them to be able to be held and stay calm? I'm pretty sure that the black one, Skittles, is a lion-head but not sure. I have no idea what the white one, fluffy, is. Please help! I'll try to get better pictures but Skittles is difficult to get as good one of! Fluffy seems to be the camera hog! Lol

How can I tell how old they are? Looking forward to learning i can about rabbits and how to keep them healthy and happy!


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Apr 13, 2021
Bunny care
by: Sam K

Hi, it's great you've taken these two bunnies on :).My first concern would be appropriate housing and food. The forums here have a wealth of advice these matters, along with health, trading and breed types.
My first step would be to organise better housing in a quiet, well ventilated room in the house.
Rabbits need a good amount of space to run and stretch, with areas to hide, sleep.
They also need plenty of hay and fresh greens.
You've been great for adopting them, but I would research and provide good accommodation for them and allow them to settle in before you try any training.
No bunny would feel comfortable in cramped conditions in a busy bedroom.
Along time ago I took on my first rabbits in a situation similar to yours...I did the research and fullfilled the bunnies needs. They then went on to be happy, healthy members of the family :).

Good Luck and keep posting 👍

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