How do I let rabbits roam free???

by Angela


We recently got 2 baby bunnies. Holland Lops...both girls...10 and 11 weeks. They are very sweet and almost litter box trained. No more pee accidents, but find some poo balls in their pen every day. We have them in an exercise pen.

We put them in the hallway with a baby gate to let them binkie and play. They are still getting used to us. We lay in the hallway and pet them...try to hold them for 15 min every day. We are new to this...have had them for a couple weeks...just wondering how we let them free roam.

What steps do we take besides bunny proofing? I’m nervous to let them free roam if they aren’t coming to us yet. I don’t want them free roaming at night while we are asleep. Any advice on the best way to approach and achieve this goal would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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