How can i house my rabbit outside?


I have had my rabbit for a while now but I have recently moved in with my boyfriend and although my rabbit has a room to herself and the guinea pigs it bothers his allergies.

Not only that her fur is getting in the vents when i didn't live with him i didn't notice the fur she would also roam around the house but until recently now im noticing where she has been. She would also follow my chihuahua around and bug her i think she may miss that kind of contact with her even though my dog would run away and wanted nothing to do with her.

Her cage is actually a dog kennel I would have to look up the size but its pretty decent compared to the cage you would get at the pet store.

Another reason for wanting to move her outside her cage takes up a good amount of space and i will not put her in a smaller one. She is litter box trained and has two sources of water some baby blankets and the rest of the floor is a guess you could call it faux tile. Forgive me for rambling i'm just trying to make sure I put the basics down.

I thought if I put her in a hutch i could make a little rabbit run and she could have more room than she does now not only that i would get her another friend. Seeing as i have two pigs i feel bad for lou lou. My problem is i want to make sure she's safe I have the perfect spot for her there is a lot of shade and its a big spot. I also know that's not enough for these hot summer days and oncoming winters.

Any pointers on this would be greatly appreciated!

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