Help please - I am a new rabbit owner.

by gill

We bought 2 baby rabbits from the pet shop on Sunday they are both females, 12 weeks old and were kept together in the pet shop along with another four rabbits.

Yesterday (Tuesday) I handled the rabbits for the first time, they are both very friendly to each other and to us. On one of the rabbits i noticed a lump on her leg so i took it to the vets. The vet said it is a wound caused by another rabbit biting her and that i must separate the 2 rabbits immediately which i have done.

My big dilemma now is can they be re introduced together or not? They seem so friendly together, they used to lay together and i have got a division in their cage and they seem to want to get to each other. As we had only had the rabbits for 2 days when i noticed the injury the vet cannot say if the rabbit was bitten by our other rabbit or one that it shared a cage with in the pet shop.

Does anyone have any advice on what i should do now. My gut feeling is that it is not our other rabbit as they seemed to get on so well together, there was no sign of blood or anything in the cage that suggests they have had a fight and the rabbit that got bitten is not frightened of our other rabbit.

Sorry for the long post but please help or advise if you can. We specifically got 2 rabbits so they could have company. Thanks

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