Help my rabbit is acting odd

by Danielle


I bought a 3 month old bunny about a week ago. At first I could see he was scared cause of the new home, but now he is becoming slightly skiddish I guess.

He does not like being picked up or carried at all. Also he doesnt like being flipped (I was told I needed to practice this to do his nails).

I have looked into getting him neutered but it's very expensive. My friend said she never neutered any of hers and they all were fine. He doesn't spray or anything but I got concered this morning when he bit my mom. It wasn't really out of aggression though it was more like a playful thing I guess.

He's very nosey in a way where he likes to attempt climbing Out of his cage. He also gets agitated when it around time to feed him. IVe never owned a bunny so I'm not entirely sure how they are suppose to act.

I was just wondering what to do because I really don't like his behavior. Will this change in a couple more weeks or maybe as he gets older?

Thanks for any help

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