help info needed for wild rabbit

by Joan
(Canajoharie, NY USA)

I have a wild rabbit that I ran over its nest- fed it with syringe for several weeks and now has pellets and grass fruit etc. He/she lives in our bathroom- has a cat carrier for "home" another box on its side that he uses for bathroom. He is very clean, will eat out of my hand but runs if I try to pick up or pet- will run up and jump on my hand with front paws.

Our dog and cat have come up to closed cat carrier and sniffed noses with him,. He has become unafraid of them. Our area has many predators so I don't feel I can release him to wild. The family is willing to commit to keeping him for life but I am concerned if we are doing "good" for him. He gets plenty of exercise- runs and jumps and even hops on shelf to rest by window but I wonder if he is lonely. Being in the bathroom we are in and out several times daily as well as the time I go in to "play" However he does seem to be more Skittish running to his "home" more often.

Should I lock him in sometimes and bring him + cage out, He used to be in cage on table while we ate and in front room when we watched TV

Any advice would be appreciated


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