HELP!! 2 day old rabbit kittens

by Kiya A.
(Staten Island, NY )

My house rabbit had a litter yesterday morning. We had no idea she got pregnant while letting a friend watch her for couple days last month.

Nonetheless, I woke up to my rabbit licking 1 deceased kitten and found four more in a nest she had created with her own fur. Please help as I have a couple of questions and its pretty urgent I want the other 4 to survive She created a nest under a ramp landing in her cage.

She loves to lay on the landing but its only about 6 inches high. The kittens are underneath and it seems like a tight space for her to feed the kittens. Should I created a more comfy nest for her, outside of the cage but accessible to her at all time

This morning I checked the kittens, 3 of them look like they fed and 1 looks really skinny. Should I feed him some KMR? If I do, will s/he still feed off the mom?

Should I separate him for his siblings if I start hand feeding him, or should I separate all of them and hand feed them? Please advise.

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