Hazel: What color am I?

by Gray

Hazel at 8weeks

Hazel at 8weeks


Hazel is a holland lop / dutch cross, who is currently just over 6 months old. She weighs just over 5lbs.

Hazel rules this household. Her favorite place is on my bed, curled up next to my teddy bear. However, if she's not asleep there, then you better pay attention to her!

If you're just hanging out in the room with her, she will demand attention. It starts out pretty cute, she'll climb on you and nudge your hands and arms. But if that doesn't work for her, she'll start to nibble. She'll gently pick up your hand and toss it to the side, nibble on your sleeves, and then, if all else fails, the little brat will bite.

The only time she ever bites, is if people refuse to pet her. She's honestly super adorable and hilarious. She loves to burrow under things, especially pillows, and is known to out the dog (pit bull) in her place. She's a sweet little diva.
I was wondering if anyone knew the name for her coat type? I'm not sure what her parents looked like, just the breed types.

Thanks for any help

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