Got a new rabbit and don't know how I can bond him

by Kate

We've had Twix (male) for 3 years and he's been alone for the whole time. Well my parents and sister when getting new pellets for Twix decided to get a new male bunny.

We've been trying to get them to bond, but it's been hard, because most of the things I've read we can't do because of our small apartment (we live a basement apartment and don't have much space to move things around). Twix's cage sits on a custom table and is too big to currently bring down to have the cages next to each other. Pebbles (the new bun, not sure the age, most likely under a year) cage is currently under Twix's table.

Twix is very curious but also territorial and keeps rubbing his chin on pebbles' cage and pooping near his cage. Sometimes when twix is near pebbles' cage, pebbles will try to attack twix through the bars.

I finally barricaded pebbles' cage so twix couldn't claim it anymore and pebbles could stop trying to attack him. I someday want them to get along and run around at the same time, but so far it doesn't look promising. If anyone has any ideas on how to help, I'll greatly appreciate it, because I don't know what else to do.

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