Garden Rabbit to House Rabbit

by Wendy Goldstein
(Central France)

I have a 5 year old bunny called Dandy-Lion, who has spent much of his life in a lovely run and hutch in the garden. He enjoy's plenty of free time laying and playing in the garden and will return to his run without any fuss. But he is impossible to handle and agressive all the time.
Due to a slight chill (the weather has been so changeable)he is in the house at the moment, and seems a much calmer boy. I can brush him stroke him, all the things he will not allow you to do when he is outside or in his hutch I would love to have him in all the time, of course allowing him plenty of time to play outside with his friend Pearl the hen on nice days. Any advice on achieving this would be wonderful. He came from a person who treated him very badly,and was handled in a way which would make most bunny lovers cry, so I do understand why he has a dislike of being touched at all! But he is so adorable and I only want whats best for him (even though he has chewed my beautiful floor length curtains)

Many thanks Wendy & Dandy

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Jun 05, 2013
by: Anonymous

Is Dandy-Lion neutered? It can really help them to be much calmer. Rabbits are prey animals and so dislike being picked up (as you may know). I would spend time sitting with him, reading or whatever and let him come to you. Have a few treats handy to give him and work up to occasional strokes until he is ok letting you touch him. I have six rabbits and none of them enjoy handling but will now allow strokes, esp at pellet time! Good luck.

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