Funny Bunny

by April Burton
(Medford,OR USA)

My rabbit's name cuttie pie he is a male rabbit.

My rabbit colors are black and white but he has special markings on him his whole body is solid black with white feet and he also has a mixture of white and black on his chest.With a white marking on his head a white line goes around his neck.

Can some one please tell me what kind of rabbit do i have i have know idea.And also his fur shines too.

When i first got him he was about 2 months old and i seen his mother she was huge ! and cuttie pie looks just like her but the only thing difference is cuttie pie is just a little smaller than she is Cuttie pie is a very smart animal he is a rabbit that likes sponge bob every time i would turn the tv on to cartoons he would straight his body out in the middle of the living room floor and watch cartoons and especially when sponge bob comes on i don,t know what it is about that cartoon but every time i turn it on he start to jump up and down in front of the tv. And he also like to be rubbed a lot and when he can,t have his treats he start to flip his tray over and try to turn his litter box over and making sounds.

His food it has to be rabbit gourmet food or else he will not eat it this rabbit food that he eats has all the fruits and vegetables in it and also different kinds of nuts too.He is always on the alert for everything and thats my story for now . April burton

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