found bunny - what breed?


I found a group of house rabbits in the woods and was able to catch one of them. In order to feed him properly, I need to determine the breed and approximate age.

He (it's a boy) is 2.5 pounds and looks most like a Polish rabbit to me. His markings, however, are not black but rather grey/ dark grey and the one on his back is beige.

He is extremely social, friendly, and mellow. Loves to be picked up and wants to hang out with people as much as possible. (Probably the reason why I was able to catch him but not his "siblings".)

If he is a Polish rabbit, can I consider him an adult based on his weight? I do not want to give him alfalfa and unlimited access to pellets if he is not growing anymore.

Thank you so much for your help!

Footnote from Rabbitmatters. Other visitors may wish to help in identifying, and you should find plenty of info on this site reagarding feeding (and what not to feed!!!)

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May 28, 2016
Bunny love NEW
by: Catherine

Blanc de Hotot

All rabbit breeds - Blanc de Hotot
Senior Weight: 8 - 11 pounds
Type: Commercial
Color: Entirely frosty white, except for an 1/8 inch black "eyeband" around brown eyes.
Distinctive: Eye markings.


English spot

All rabbit breeds - English Spot Rabbit
Senior Weight: 5 - 8 pounds
Type: Arched
Color: White, with nose butterfly, eye circles, ears, cheek spots, spine and side spots in these colors: black, blue chocolate, gold, gray, lilac, tortoise.
Distinctive: Carriage and markings

I'm assuming English spot.

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