first time needing advice badly....

(Muskoka Ontario Canada)

A while ago I wrote about a black female bun around 3- 6 months old....

I've been trying to get her to run around and build up strength from having idled in a cage for 4 months.

I always do a thorough job on her cage/living arrangement. I have an unending bottle of white vinegar on hand and take the cage apart to clean pee from the places it doesn't show but sure does tell!

When it's time to catch her I'm so afraid but I grab her anyway. I DO tuck her feet in and use the entire forearm to hold her and the other arm to act as a seat belt sort of....

When I try to lower gently into her cage at night, she sometimes wriggles out and bumps her head. It looks like it's her head.

When I caught her tonight, she squeezed almost out of my grasp. I was able to change the hold by taking one hand off, the other to secure her, then hand and my body covering her. She squeaked and I felt so horrible I had to say this.

Originally I thought since she wasn't my 5 lb on the bridge Bunkie, she'd be easier to handle. NOT!
What does the squeak mean?

Once settled she was eating and drinking. I did her toenails earlier and put her on my bed while I changed the cage and replaced it with fresh yesterday's news. I am still scared about what could happen even though she's eating and acting normal. I know they get spinal arthritis and can even break their own backs.

Does anyone else have this problem? I don't grab back legs, just around her stomach or underside so she gets long as the other part is moving forward trying to get away. I started cleaning her area up at midnight and it's now 3. I NEED some ideas and or advice so I won't hurt her in the long run...

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