First time bonding rabbits

I have an adorable indoor 15 month old neutered lion lop and I have just adopted a 7month old female spayed lion lop in the hope they bond.

I am very nervous. As advised by rspca I have disinfected my male rabbits cage and put the new bunny in there until she settles and my male bunny runs free as normal and stays in the same room so it is as if they are in 2 seperate pens.

It is day 2 and she seems fine already. My male bunny, although very intrigued at first and would go up and sniff noses now seems to be clingy to me and hide behind me when in the room.

I also tend to find him hiding in his play tent where he tends to sleep when I am not in the room. She has swiped at him twice through the bars but not overly visciously on the first day. However they occassionally have sniffed noses after this.
Is it normal for my existing bun to be so clingy with me?

Also I want to give the female bun some exercise time. Will it be ok to do this by removing the male out the room where he normally runs about and put the female in there to stretch her legs?
I am confident in what I am doing when its time for the face to face introductions. I just don't want to start the beginning bit off on the wrong foot.
Any advice would be much appreciated!

Footnote from Rabbitmatters. I am sure some of our visitors can help you. In addition, you may wish to visit our ' Training/introducing' page

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