Early death of English Spot

by Helen
(Ayrshire, Scotland)

Wondering if anyone can help.

My daughter has just had a litter of baby English Spots, 1 of which has upper moustache only and no spots at all. She has been told that this is due to a defective gene and that the rabbit will die before it reaches 6mth. We have looked all over for more evidence to no avail. Can someone confirm or deny this as we obviously can't sell it if it's gonna die soon.

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Feb 15, 2024
English spot NEW
by: Anonymous

As far as I can tell from owning many rescue English rabbits. You cannot tell much from simply the pattern of your rabbit. As simply put the pattern is almosy like the rabbits finger print unique. If the individual continues to seem healthy then you might be able to sell it simply with a warning that you are unsure. Another option is to keep hold of the rabbit until it is 6 months of age or get it checked out with a specialist rabbit or exoticts vet to be sure

Oct 08, 2016
To be honest- NEW
by: Rabbityr

I had a english spot with the same case that died after 6 months. We got another one with no spots, but it lived all the way to a year before death. (which the vet said was a miracle)

No idea how long it will live

Nov 17, 2015
Genetic - Yes, Early death - ??
by: Whitney

It sounds like your bun is an almost-a-charlie. We have an English Spot mix that we bred with a Holland Lop. There is a gene the English Spots have, En, you get one from mom and one from dad.

You could have enen, Enen, or EnEn. enen is what you have when you get a solid colored rabbit.

Enen is the typical broken pattern of a rabbit. If each parent has an En gene and a kit gets EnEn it will have very little coloration.

Both the above rabbits are En__ (meaning En for the broken but we don't know if the other gene is En or en). Of their litters we have had at least 2 (or more) charlies or almost-charlies. I kept one of the almost-charlies and she is now a year with no apparent health issues. she has a partial butterfly, eye markings, and little other color.

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