Depressed bunny, advice please!

by Eleanor

I'm new to this forum, but I'm really hoping someone on here may be able to help as I'm desperate for advice about the new addition to our family!

Does anyone have advice on how to cheer up a depressed rabbit please?

To elaborate:

We adopted a rabbit 2 days ago from the rehoming part of Pets At Home. She is just over a year old and was taken away from her litter of bunnies a bit too early and very suddenly dropped to Pets At Home. They had her for a few weeks before we adopted her up and they said she had been very up and down whilst in the store. They had to keep her out the back as she got stressed and stopped eating whilst in the shop and she didn't interact with the staff.

We've adopted her as a companion for our two and a half year old chilled out male (Stew) after having our last female put to sleep rather suddenly :( We hope, in time, he will help her to enjoy life again and see people as friends, not as meanies who take her from her babies!

We know it's going to take time for Dumpling to settle and we know she is not too great at eating at the moment. However she's spent the last two days hiding in the dark bit of her hutch (indoors) with her face pressed against the wall and has hardly moved. She's eating and drinking a little, but not nearly enough. I've put toys in her hutch, but she's not interested. She's not really eating veg or hay. She's in a quiet room on her own as Pets At Home suggested this may help her to settle quicker. The couple of times she has moved, she's jumped when we've walked past.

It's so sad to see her like this, does anyone have any advice on what we could do to help her cheer up please?

She MUST be missing her bunnies and she's used to living with other rabbits, but all the advice seems to be to let a new rabbit settle before introducing them to the existing one. She's also not had any vaccinations yet.
Is it too soon to introduce them? She's hiding and is clearly scared of us; should we pick her up and take her to a 'neutral space' to introduce them, or should we take him to her, so she doesn't start too scared by being picked up?

Apologies for the long message, I'm really beginning to worry about her, she's just so sad!


Eleanor :)

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Jan 28, 2018
Depressed bun
by: Anonymous

I’m so sorry to hear about your bun... In my exsperence our little girl (Dwarf) was 6 months when we got her and I sat at her cage for nearly two hours not talking and being very still. Periwinkle was her name and she was in a large plastic tub with guinia pigs, she was bullied and very skidish, we were real slow moving and when she came around to see me I’d put my hand up to her. Just letting her know I wasn’t leaving her . I began speaking to her with a soft voice and within a few days I began holding her close and with a light touch . Periwinkle would get sad and do a lot of the things your buns doing. I pray this will help your little one! What kind of bun do you have? Mine was a Netherland Dwarf. 1.6 pounds sadly she had a brain tumor and passed after only a year but she was for only a short time the focal point in our lives and we miss her dearly.

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