Definitely a lop- but which breed?

by Hayley



Holly Maisy Holly and Maisy An old photo from when they were under a year old


These are my two rabbits, Holly (cream) and Maisy (patchy brown), who I have had for six years now. I've always been curious about whether they really are mini lops (which the breeder claimed them to be), because they both outgrew her average measurements of a typical mini lop. She suggested they would grow to be about 20cm in length, but in reality they're closer to 30 or 40cm. They also weigh more than the average mini lop (I cannot remember their exact weight but both were just over the highest threshold for an average mini lop), although to look at them they do not look overweight and they get fed a very good diet, so this again makes me suspect they may be a different breed of lop.

Reading a description of a typical mini lop character on this website again doesn't quite ring true. We've had them since they were both little, and handled them on a daily basis, but they've always hated being picked up (I handle them as recommended by a vet) and they tolerate a cuddle but they'd rather be outside and left to do their own thing on the lawn. If you try and pick them up from their hutch to put them in their run (or vice versa), they (particularly Maisy) are prone to being very grumpy, grunting and scrabbling/scratching at my outstretched hands.

I've never really understood it- they've always had a huge hutch and run, they get regular attention, their favourite foods (they love kale, watercress, spinach and buttercup leaves in particular) and a treat in the evening too (usually a raisin or some 'woodland forage' from Petsathome). Their hutch is in a sheltered spot so they're not exposed to the elements (when it's cold, I put a couple of blankets around the hutch to keep them warm, although not on the run so that they have an area to go to if they're too warm), and the sun shines on their run (they love to sunbathe). Their teeth, claws and fur are all in good condition too. It's baffling. The only thing I can think of is perhaps they weren't kept in very good conditions by their breeder, but the breeder did seem a very respectable woman so even that I have doubts about.

Do you think they are mini lops? Perhaps dwarf lops? It doesn't matter to me either way as I adore them despite their temperaments, and it would be interesting to know for sure which breed they are :)

Many thanks for any help!

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Dec 07, 2015
Bunny weights NEW
by: Hayley

Thank you all for your comments! Holly and Maisy have entered their eighth year, and since December last year I've been monitoring their weight on a monthly basis. Holly has varied from 2,219g to 2,619g, and Maisy has varied from 2,322g to 2,438g. Hope that helps those of you who are trying to help me identify their breed :-) Thanks again. Hayley

Dec 07, 2015
which lop? NEW
by: inchy

I suspect they are probably german or french lops the french lop adult is over 4.5kg whereas the german is slightly smaller. Have a look on here for a size guide
I used to breed frenchies

Sep 19, 2014
Lops NEW
by: Anonymous

I am a ex mini lop breeder and would suggest they are not mini's as there head and ear shape does not appear typical of a mini. It's tricky with bunnies as there are so many cross breeds around to give an exact breed I think the French lop suggestion could well be correct however if they were full frenchies they would have fuller faces. They look totally adorable tho and sound like pampered pets. Enjoy them

Sep 07, 2014
French lop? NEW
by: Anonymous

I think they look like French lops based on their face shape and size but I am not completely sure.

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