Dandruff, thick, and crusty, and tiny black bugs crawling in scalp


Does anyone know what the problem is with my rabbit?

I shaved his fur because he has thick, crusty, dandruff on his skin located on his back and sides. Also, saw very tiny black bugs crawling along his skin and that is why I shaved his fur. He is a 6 year old mini lop male rabbit.

Thank you for your help.

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Mar 08, 2019
Concerned but Hopeful
by: Anonymous

Message for Anonymous.
Tell you short story of my experience then give you several websites for: Doctor advice for you along with youtube video titles for your health advised by Dr. Axe, Natural Remedy sites for products designed for/by doctor, Vet Manual, other Vet websites, Pet supply and Pet Health Insurance, along with Laundry advice.

Noticed in your commit that both you and dog have this parasite. I am fighting a parasite from a mosquito bite that is extremely difficult to get off/out of skin, scalp and gut. Cut most of my hair off to gain control of properly cleansing my scalp. It took months of dealing with doctors who were clueless. So by the time I got a general diagnosis, the infection had gotten really bad. I did research trying to find some kind of relief for my skin. Also trying to change diet for a few months to speed healing.

Different doctor's opinions. Found most of them to be pill pushers. One doctor prescribed me a $1,400 medicine and said maybe it came from plants. Disregarding pictures that I showed them after being stung by a mosquito. Most other doctors barely looked at skin and also started writing prescriptions and didn't want to get pathology done before offering diagnosis. One doctor told me that pathology was expensive and didn't want to run the test after they had me collecting samples for a few weeks! Finally decided to go back to first doctor who offered skin cream, at least that helped me.

This family doctor offered a Skin Cream [Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream USP,0.1%] that gave some relief. She also gave me a prescription for Permethrin Cream.

I did some research and found a recipe for it on Dr. Axe's website. (In case you are treating several people in the home and want to save some money.)
Permethrin Cream Recipe-
2 ingredients 50/50 of each: Lotion and Sawyer Permethrin Clothing and Fabric Insect Repellent Trigger Spray. Percentage of Permethrin in this product is the same amount in skin cream.
[$9.97 at Walmart in sporting goods section.]

Found doctor websites that helped me more and inward cleansing video for getting rid of parasites.

Look up Coccidia in pets. Here is one site that may help:
Dr. Mecola is worldwide famous and very helpful. https://healthypets.mercola.com/sites/healthypets/archive/2012/03/19/giardia-infection-on-pets.aspx

Dr. Axe

Dr. Axe is very informative. He has natural line of Essential Oils and has youtube videos:

1st How to Get Rid of Parasites in the Body Naturally.

2nd Parasite Cleanse: The Best Essential Oils

Pet website:

Talk about Pet health insurance:

Veterinary Manual:

Pet Supplies cats and dogs unsure about rabbits but you can check it out. See this site:

If you want Natural Remedies try:

Then click on GOS Blog and look for this title:

Cats and Dog Make and Take Class Kits, Labels and Recipe Sheets For Essential Oils.

Extra article on 2nd page:
Janet Roark, DVM The Essential Oil Vet Collaboration.

These will help you understand what to look for, what to do for you and your pet and where to go for supplies. Once you have an Idea of what it might be, then ask your doctor to check for the possibility of diagnosis and go from there.

Parasite may cling to clothing, blankets and pet bedding. Try using 1 to 2 cups of ammonia in laundry (depends on load size and how dirty.) This will help pull out stains and parasites. First time washing infected items you may want to wash them 2 times to pull out majority of infestation. Use 2 cups of bleach to cleanse washing machine and Lysol spray to wipe out dryer between pet items and each family member. This will help prevent some spreading and reinfecting yourself and others in your home.

Consider a plastic mattress cover or extra mattress pillowtop fabric cover to keep mattress from holding infection in it. May try Lysol spray foam cleaner to cleanse mattress even hospital plastic covered mattresses and respray with Lysol spray. Yes, this is necessary, due to the fact that it can get into bedding sheets. Consider higher thread count on sheets to make cleansing them easier. If it is in your hair/scalp, you may want to wrap your hair until you heal your scalp. [otherwise you could infect your face.]

Cleanse & spray fabric sofas, chairs and pillows. If you have carpet, consider getting rid of it or purchase good detachable and easy to clean vacuum cleaner and rug cleaner. Get the ones that you can detach and rinse in the utility sink. Walmart carries a couple of good vacuums for around $50 and a carpet cleaner for about $120 to $160. Keep Air Duct filters changed as well and replace shower liner often,(some you can wash but not dry then rehang.)

Because these parasites can grow on hands and in the knuckles you may want to use restaurant gloves while cooking. Keep hands off your face until you have control of infection.

If you are married and considering having children, consult a doctor of dangers to unborn children and how to protect them from infection. These parasites can be very dangerous for newborns and infants. The child could be crying and unable to tell you that their skin is itching and something is in their ears or nose. Late night is when the parasites are most active. Get familiar with skin rash pictures so that you will know what to look for. If you or child is infected, Use Disposable Gloves on your hands for changing their diapers or cleansing infants after using the restroom.

If you are a women, Lord help you, if this is in your gut it will come out of your butt and could spread to your private area. Placing Essential Oils, that are diluted with a carrier oil, on a piece of tissue can help to cleanse this area. Look up you tube video on Anointing Oils of the Bible. Check online for books on essential oils. Dr. Axe.com is a good place for medical advice and recipes of essential oils, so search his site and youtube for helpful videos.
If you are a man and your hands are
infected Wear Disposable Gloves When you Tinkle or Poop to stop from spreading it on your testicles. Both men and women should consider disposable gloves during bathroom trips to keep down infection.

I know that was a lot of info but it has been difficult for me and this is part of what I learned, while searching for the right doctor.

If this is the Coccidia Parasite diagnosis,
Reseach Eimeria Life Cycle these parasites fall under this group. There are over a hundred kind and names for these parasite infections which fall under the Eimeia group. Each type of animal may have a different name, even if comes from an insect the name may change. The life cycle is similar for the morphing changes the parasite and the rashes in/on your skin. You may see several shapes that wash off into the sink when you wash your face, hands and lower arms.

Hope this info. and websites help.
Hang in there and Pray for the right Doctors for you and pet, Pray for Wisdom of cleansing your home, your body and pet. Pray for discipline of diet for you, family and pet, along with Praying for Financial Wisdom of which products/cleansing supplies to buy for your home, health for you, family and pet.

Feb 08, 2017
Treating mites
by: Colly

Please be very careful with your poor bunny with regards to shaving fur! My two rabbits both have mites at the moment and it is a slow process getting rid of them, but your bunny needs expert treatment from a vet, brushing gently and lots of extra love and care. The mites will go eventually. good luck.

Jan 10, 2017
Shared parasite human and canine
by: Anonymous

I have them coming out of my porws and so does my chihuahua. Have you ever gotten a satisfactory response from the Vet?

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