Can rabbit temporarily live in garage?

by Kristal

I'm getting a holland lop in a couple of weeks, my dad does not believe me when I say rabbits don't stink. I told him about litter boxes and how rabbits spend 20% of the day cleaning themselves, but he doesn't believe me. He says we have to put the cage in the garage until "I can show that they don't stink", that's not a problem, but my question is will the rabbit be okay living in a garage for a week? We have a pretty loud garage door and I'm worried it could scare the bunny to death! Is there a way to block the sound or convince my dad they won't smell?

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May 04, 2017
by: Anonymous

my nan had a Netherland dwarf rabbit about ten years ago {maybe even less} she kept hers just outside the door {basically in the garden} and they were just fine and we live in wales and its always cold here. even when it got a bit frosty in the winter she just put a blanket over the top and let it dangle down. and just in case you have read stuff about their teeth getting really bad it has never happened to any of the people I know with bunnies . this is not cruel at all!!! I'm just about to buy a Netherland dwarf bunny and my mum wont et me have it in the house because its unhygienic to have it in the kitchen and I cant put it in the toy room because it gets way to hot and we have carpet every where in our house !! so I spoke to my Nan and she said it was absolutely fine !! hope this helps you :-]

Jul 08, 2013
rabbit in garage
by: Anonymous

NO! please do not do this - is it too late?
1) if your dad is not onboard totally with this rabbit purchase you should not get one!
2) rabbits need a lot of work - they must have space to run around and company! Do not isolate him like this it is very cruel
3) They may naturally live in burrows but they do go outside in the sunshine and a garage is totally unsuitable - it also may have dangerous fumes
4) Please get your dad to talk to someone here or a vet who knows about rabbits to make sure your rabbit is safe and happy

Mar 12, 2013
living in a garage
by: Anonymous

I expect your rabbit will get used to the sound of the garage door. The main thing is plenty of company, space to run around and good quality hay and pellets. Best of luck with your new pet. My rabbits live in the house and at one time the bedroom door had to be literally kicked or thumped to make it open and they got toatally used to that!

Mar 11, 2013
Rabbit temporarily living in Shed
by: Anonymous

Hello Kristal

Regarding your Holland Lop, living in garage and not smelling etc.

Rabbits don't smell if looked after correctly. By correctly, I mean that they must be cleaned out regularly (once a day is best) and they receive the correct diet so they don't get the runs etc. I think there are pages on this site about the correct diet and about baby rabbits. If you do this correctly, then I am sure your dad will come round to seeing they are very clean animals and that they continually clean themselves.

As far as living in the shed goes, you need to make sure the hutch is out the way of drafts and that it is warm for the rabbit. The odd closing of a garage door should not be a problem BUT you will need to give constant company to reassure and occupy the rabbit. Maybe take the rabbit indoors, or similar, for short periods and hopefully your dad will eventually see that all is okay with having a house rabbit.

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