Buying Felmish Giant

We want to purchase a Flemish giant rabbit. we see lots of ads for,giant continental rabbits. Are the Flemish and continental the same breed or are they a different rabbit all together.

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Jan 07, 2017
Giant Rabbits in the UK NEW
by: Withyhays

Hi Stuart are you in the UK?

If so, our Flemish Giant breed comes in ONE colour only, dark Steel Grey. They are now a highly endangered breed. Because we were not allowed to import from overseas for so long, due to strict quarantine laws, the breed developed differently here than in the rest of the world.

One we could import again, relatively recently, the Continental Giant arrived. Continental Giants are a combination of Giant breeds imported from various continental European countries (not just Belgium/Flanders) and come in 9 different colours recognised by the BRC (British Rabbit Council).

Some people in UK advertise Conti's as Flemish but this is totally incorrect.

Jul 12, 2013
Buying Felmish Giant
by: Anonymous

A Flemish Giant and a Continental Giant are not the same breed of rabbit. I do not know very much about the Continental Giant except that a Continental Giant is not a recognised breed by ARBA. If you want a sweet gentle rabbit that can be litter box trained a Flemish Giant is a great rabbit, I raise them and love them, they do need big cages and do fine in cold weather but not in heat, so here I use a swamp cooler to keep mine cool when the temps go above 80*.

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