Bunny GI Issues

by Kevin
(So Cal)

I need help! I have two bunnies, one is almost 6 and the other almost 2, and both of them have GI issues.

I am at a complete loss as to what to do to help them, and have tried everything. They currently have unlimited Timothy hay which is supposedly grown pesticide free.

The older bunny also gets Kaytee Fortified Diet with Probiotics, and the younger bunny gets Purina Bunny Chow. We are used to the older bunny's GI and poop issues, and wash her bum periodically.

The younger bunny has just developed his issues over the past few months, and for the past week he has been dealing with gas/Stasis issues, and we are giving him infant GasX.

He does eat and drink water, though not as much water as he normally does. He is also very musky smelling and we wash his lower half every other day. He's been to the vet before for a sanitary shave and meds for mites, and when I called they said to monitor his diet. Any thoughts on this?

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