Bunny bunny rescued from busy city street would like to know his background

Misha exploring

Misha exploring


We adopted this bunny from a veterinarian. The bunny was a rescue and found on a busy city street in Raleigh, North Carolina.

When we first saw the bunny, they called her "Jewel" and the veterinarian's office said she was a girl.

We could take her home with us if we would bring her back when she was old enough to be spayed.

We agreed.

Shortly after adopting her, the vet's office called saying it was time to take her in.

I took her in the night before so they could get her ready for surgery.

The next morning I got a call. The girl sounded nervous.

"We have some uh, news...while we were shaving Jewel for surgery.... we uh, found something"

My heart sank, a tumor? Just my luck. I had a flash of a sickly rabbit that I would have to spend thousands on medical bills when we had only just adopted her. "What? I asked apprehensively.

"We found testicles"

I had another confused flash of a strange hermaphroditic rabbit.

"It's a boy"

I was relieved. Why didn't they just say that?

"Do you still want him?"

Of course I did, I did not care if was a boy or a girl.

"What do you want to name him?"

It was because of a Gishwes scavenger hunt that we found the rabbit, so we decided to rename Jewel to "Misha Collins" in honor of the man who started Gishwhes (the greatest international scavenger hunt the world has ever seen)

Misha does not want to learn to use a kitty litter box. He is feisty and loves to gambol. But he also comes to me and wants to be petted. But he has chewed my chair, my window sill and my sons headphones.

He is quite the fun but naughty pet!

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May 28, 2016
Update on Misha NEW
by: Anonymou

Yes! Glad to report since my last posting, Misha is using his kitty litter box and he loves coming over to me for a love-in. But he has to come to you! If you chase him to pet him, he will run away!

I have also rescued a rat since this posting and Misha thinks the rat is his pet. He goes to the rat's cage and they chat with each other.

It's very cute.

May 28, 2016
Hotot rabbit breed NEW
by: Catherine

What a great story !!!!! Males (bucks) make much better pets than females. Your tabbit is a hotot. Google it. They are known for their "eyeliner". Fantastic friendly breed. You must get him fixed. My Dutch bunny was chewing and not using his litter box as well as mounting and spraying everything !!! I had him fixed and he is now using his litter box again and no more chewing. !! Good luck. Xoxo Catt

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