Broken Nail? And inflammation on toe.

by Sivana
(North Carolina US)

Hi, I have a rabbit who I believe has Hutch Burn, so I put him in a sterilized cage with a wire bottom to keep him clean and such. The next day I took him out to look him over and found that his toe was swollen. It looks like he probably punctured on a part of the wire that was sticking up. It is red and swollen, and there seems to be a cut that indicates where he was stabbed. I broke the skin a little to look for infection, but there wasn't any pus that I could find. Also I looked at the nail and it looks like there may be some internal bleeding in the nail. The nail is also crooked and he is very sensitive about it.
Help please

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Jun 28, 2017
Help from broken nail/inflammation on toe NEW
by: Marlene

This from Torn toenails are probably one of the most common injuries seen in rabbits. The toenail may catch on something and be ripped out at the base. This is often accompanied by bleeding and an upset rabbit (not to mention rabbit caretaker!).Fortunately these injuries may not require extensive care. If the nail is completely ripped off, some gentle pressure applied to the area for 1 to 2 minutes helps stop the bleeding. If some visible nail remains, use styptic powder or flour to help stop the bleeding. In some rare cases the exposed tissue can develop an infection. If you see any redness or swelling develop, have your veterinarian evaluate the area.

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