Bonding advice needed

by Martin

I have a 8 month old Netherland dwarf doe and last week adopted a male mini lop. Both have been neutered. The bonding process has been very stressfull.

There has been a lot of aggression from the male (biting, fur pulling etc). Blossom, our nethie, is terrified and doesn't appear to trust him. They have lived side by side all week and have shown some curiosity.

I thought i had made a breakthrough today when i sat with them in a pen and stroked them together. They sat still and gradually relaxed. I then rubbed banana on their fur and Blossom eventually licked it from him. As soon as it was done Vader started to bite again.

Totally unprompted and Blossom is once again terrified. There has been no mounting frm either rabbit. Just biting and trying to escape.

I'm thinking that this is not a good match particularly as Blossom doesn't make any attempt to fight back. If anyone has advice, i'd be delighted to hear it. I've tried stress bonding techniques but the biting resumes as soon as the stress element stops. Thanks. Martin!

Rabbitmatters footnote: There is a page on bonding on our site that may help. Go to 'training/introducing' then 'introduce a new rabbit'

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