Bitting bunny

I have a rabbit that's about a yr old. She doesn't like me very well, when ever I put my hand in the cage she paws at me with her front paws.

Sometimes she squeaks when I go to pet her. I'm the bad guy who always has to grab her up and put her in her cage after running around.

She thumps her foot randomly through out the night. My daughter who is 5 can pet her some times the rabbit Pees. And when we go to feed her she jumps on her dish.

Well last night I was cleaning her cage out and wiping it down, she wouldn't leave her cage... she pawed at me when I got close the last time she pawed at me she bit me real good on my pinky.

First time she had actually bitten me. The first time she tried to bit me is when I took her camping she has a huge in closed fended area that is hers. When I went to put her in for the night she was trying to bite me when I picked her up but couldn't... what is wrong with this rabbit?

I let her out to play, we pet her, we talk to her. If she bites again she has to go because this bite was pretty bad for the first on, so I'm trying not to do be patient and work on it. Any suggestions please?

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