Biting bunny

by Martin
(Chesterfield, UK)

I have just got a 3 month old Lionhead bunny, she is lovely, had her just 1 week.
I am a bit unsure about her responses when handling her.

When holding her, she sits very quiet, occassionaly lifting her head and looking around.
She also likes to climb on to my shoulder and sit there, putting her head under my chin, licking my hair and neck.
But, she has now started nibbling and today while she was on my shoulder she bit me.
She wasn't angry or scared or anything like that, it wasn't an agressive bite, but it really hurt and is sore as hell.

I'm unsure if she is scared when being handled because she doesn't move much or if she is just happy and content.
Don't know anything about bunnies but been reading about them biting but she is not agressive, anyone know why she might be doing this.

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