Bad Weather

by Beth

I'm looking for a bit of advice please. I have two gorgeous outdoor buns who are approx 7 months, and we've been issued a weather warning for very strong winds of up to 70mph tomorrow, while I think their hutch is secure, I think it's current position leaves them too exposed to the elements.

I therefore want to move them somewhere safer until the storm has passed. I have 3 options and would like your advice as to which is the safest and will cause less disruption to the rabbits.

1. Move the hutch to a passageway about a metre and a half wide between the house and the garage, where they would be a little less exposed to wind but there's still risks of falling objects.
2. Take the car out of the garage and put them in there, where it's dark but should be safe.
3. Bring them indoors for the night, making sure it's cool and they would be very safe.
Thanks in advance.

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Oct 28, 2014
What i would do...
by: Samantha

I wouldn't put them in the garage, as it is currently used for the have residual petrol / oil fumes that can be very toxic to rabbits.
The small outdoor corridor sounds not so good, as you said..risk of flying / falling objects.
I have a I've emptied it and I'm keeping my rabbits overwinter in there.
If I didn't have a shed...I think I would bring them inside into a quiet, dimly lit, ventilated room..and I wouldn't put the heating on, as this can cause them to possibly start a moult, or have a reaction to the extreme temperature differences.
So..yes..i reckon I would bring mine into my porch...or the spare bedroom, unheated with window open during severe weather.
Hope this helps. Sam X

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