Baby rabbits


I brought two rabbits a month a go and got told they were both girls. However on Thursday I came home to a litter of baby bunnies. 3 died and I still have four remaining. Everything was fine until three days ago, mum is brill in the day, She watches over them and basically leaves them to it.

However the last 3 nights she has started chucking them out the nesting box. The first night she was fine when I returned them and left them to it. The second night she threw them all out, she removed all sawdust and hay away from them and just watched them shiver and cry. At this point I intervened and took them away from her for the night. They were bleeding slightly. I returned them in the morning and she was absolutely fine and immediately fed them and looked after them for the rest of the day.

On the third day she removed them from the nesting box but did no harm and didn't care when I returned them an hour later. i weighed three of them tonight and their weights vary from 42g - 59g - 88g. I have no idea what to do and the vet has been useless. She told me not to hand rear them because its basically impossible and their best chance is with the mother. She told me off for intervening on the second night but I couldn't leave them to die. They were spasming and all sorts.

Can anyone give me any advice. She is a brilliant mum is just for 2 or 3 hours in the night.

Thanks in advance.

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