baby bunny dominance?

by Alex
(Swansea uk)

We have bought 2 baby rabbits for our daughter, they have been together for about 3 weeks and have been fine. However tonight whilst having playtime inside the house one has appeared to be bullying the other trying to mount the other sometimes chasing and circling, the other is submissive and lies down...

is this okay or is it a sign that they are incompatible?

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Feb 17, 2013
Rabbit Dominance.
by: Sandra

Hey there,

I also assume your bunnies have not been spayed/neutered? I would immediately separate them until this is fully done. One of your babies is probably becoming hormonal and starting stuff with the other bunny. This happens a lot. I would separate to ensure 1) there are no new baby bunny litters and 2) to make the bonding process after the neuter/spay easier. Any fights they have now can make bonding much harder in the future.

As rabbits can begin becoming sexually mature at 3 months AND many rabbits can be missexed at this age, I really REALLY recommend separating until they have seen a vet and are ready to be spayed/neutered.

Sep 21, 2012
Rabbit dominance
by: Anonymous

Your concern about your two baby rabbits.
It's quite normal for one rabbit to mount the other or for one to show dominance and the other submissive.Not sure if yours are bucks or does.
I assume the rabbits are not neutered/spayed if they are young? Ar they the same sex? If not you need to be careful, otherwise you will end up with even more rabbits.
Are they from the same mother?
If you go to the Neutering/spaying page on this site ( look under rabbit care), it will explain at what age rabbits can be neutered/spayed and what behaviour is normal both before and after.

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