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We had thought about getting a rabbit for many years. we have read and talked and prepared for the responsibility of taking in a rabbit as a pet. so last week when we heard about some rabbits that needed a home, or they would be put to sleep, we decided to go shopping for what we would need and a adopt a new pet.

Our newest member of the family, has been with us less than a week and just today had babies. Now please don't comment to tell me how naïve it was to trust someone who led us to believe this was a younger rabbit and not kept with males, please.

We want to do right by these babies. we already had appointment to get the female spaded, but this is overwhelming and I need some advice on how to get through next few weeks. How can we best take care of these rabbits, and the mama we have grown to love?

Advice please?

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Dec 29, 2015
Dont Panic!!!
by: Anonymous

This recently happened to me I had just got my buck spayed after having to wait till he was the correct weight ,however he jumped his fence and got in with his female friend . we noticed she was getting rounder and discovered she was 2 weeks pregnant . we fed her lots of alfafa and made sure she had unlimited amounts of hay , water and pellets we also took the decision to bring her indoors so we can keep watch on her . she gave birth to her kits 2 were still born and 4 were healthy from then onwards she did all the care . we let her out to play ( free run ) in the daytime and brought her in to feed the bunnies at night in our spare room . At first I worried she wasn't feeding them , but they were looking full and round we made sure to keep them warm in the daytime with a soft fleece blanket in a box as this is important for them to digest mothers milk they stayed snuggled up and really didn't need anything other then glancing in on them from time to time , I actually brought them into work with me in my office . Mum rabbit took a few days for her milk to come through but we held her while bunnies fed from her for the first couple of days to help milk come through. rabbit by nature don't like to spend much time with their young only to feed which takes just a few minutes usually around midnight her milk is very rich so a few minutes is enough ;) good luck and I hope watching this miracle of life is as rewarding as my experience was they are 5 weeks old now and hopping around with mum and our other 5 rabbits .

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