Are Netherland dwarf rabbits good with small kids?

by Laci
(Richland wa)

I have a eight yr old that loves rabbits and really wants one, but he has a younger sister that is three. We are looking at Netherland dwarf rabbits and my worry is they would be good for the eight yr old but not the three yr old. Any advice? Is there a better breed that would work well for both?

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Oct 08, 2016
Sometimes. NEW
by: Anonymous

When i was 10-14 i had a small siamese Netherland dwarf. My younger sister who was 8 when i was 10 was very loud and ran alot. I wa sput in charge with him (name is gizmo) and he was real nervous around my sister and started getting aggresive and getting him neutered really helped. (I was a quiet kid lol)
He actually died by me holding him and my sister was hit by a heavy ball from a kid next door (we were outside) and she slammed into me, and gizmo went flying then died from the impact landing on solid concrete.

Jun 12, 2015
Netherland Dwarfs and children
by: Mary

I have found the dwarf rabbits are more temperamental and therefor not the best choice for children. The larger breeds and the lops are much more friendly to children's sudden movements, pick up/drop attitudes and more pliable. Always check out the habitat of the rabbit you are acquiring with parents on site, cleanliness of housing, and how the owners already treat their rabbits. Every rabbits deserves a home in which they are loved!!!!

Jul 12, 2014
Netherland Dwarfs & kids
by: Ebunn

I have found that ND's tend to be just a tiny bit nervous and due to their small build, they're more likely to be injured by a small child if dropped, stepped on or handled to rough. (as many young children can do) If you choose a ND, I'd suggest getting an older/stronger one and first spending sufficient time with it to assure a calm demeanor & that he's not a nervous 'biter'.

If you're open to suggestions, you might consider a Lop or Mini-Lop because they tend not only to be sturdier, but also more forgiving/resilient. They also seem to have a more sociable personality which would be more interesting and fun for small children. In fact, they're sort of the 'clowns' of the rabbit breeds.

And FYI, I don't say this just because I have Lops. In fact I raise Netherland Dwarfs & Mini-Rexes. I'm just an exotic Vet Tech and have familiarity with many breeds.

Anyway I'm sure your family will be delighted with whatever you choose , since I believe ANY bunn is a good bunn & and make wonderful pets!

Good Luck!

Jun 26, 2014
netherland dwarf
by: Anonymous

Some are very docile, and some aren't. My advice is to go visit the ones that you are thinking of buying and see for yourself.

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