angry Netherland Dwarf only had one kitten


I have become increasingly concerned about my female netherland dwarf. After much debate over what sex my bunnies actually were I have recently discovered (after the unexpected birth of a kit) I have a male and a female which are in fact brother and sister.

Since I have had them living with me they have got along perfectly, they were roughly 8 weeks old when I bought them in October and they have never been apart.

However, the past couple of weeks they have both been very agitated and quite aggressive, even biting me when I held them and they don't usually.

As I initailly assumed I had 2 females I thought they may need neutering.
Last week I then found one single baby bunny, which unfortunately looked as though it had been mauled and had died - it wasn't even in the enclosed area which was full of fur, I removed it from the hutch. On advice of a friend I separated them straight away, bringing the male in another room. Since then the female has not allowed me anywhere near her, she makes grunting noises and is aggressive.

The male, when he happened to see her from another room became very angry - I was actually scared! They were both at the baby gate growling at one another, I ended up dragging the female away and have just left her in her hutch. This was yesterday and she gave birth last week - is she expecting more kits? Is she in pain? Have they had a fight? Will they ever get on again?! Im really worried.

I have booked Bruce in to be spayed to calm him down butI have no idea what to do about Dolly? Any help would be much appreciated.

Inexperienced bunny owner

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