Aggressive Doe question!! Please help

by Mo
(Quincy MA)

Ok this is long but any help would be very appreciated! So a month ago we got a little Lionhead Buck and we just fell in love with him and wanted to get a companion for him to bond with asap.

We got a female about a week later and neither have been spayed/neutered yet. He is a lively thing and she is very reserved and shy. We've introduced them and a couple of times he attempted to mount but basically had the ends mixed up lol.

There may have been one time that the could've successfully mated but we have tried to keep them separated and have only let them play maybe 3-4 times. Up until today she would seem submissive and lay flat and sometimes just run away from her to her cage.

But today she was hiding behind our couch and my son let him out and she came running out towards him and bit him in the face and later she again charged him and he was really afraid and sprayed pee everywhere! I want to get them both fixed in the next 2 months but I am now worried that they will not bond!

Any advice/suggestions/input?? So sorry for the long post!

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