Advice with a lop bunny

by Emma

Hi, I know its still early days with my mini lop but I'm a stressy mom, shes only 8 weeks and we have had her a week now.

I feel she came a long way in her first few days and really settled in, I work 10 hours a day, so I would get her out in the morning whilst I'm getting ready and give her some food, then put her back in her cage.

I get home about 6pm and get her straight out. let her roam around for an hour while I'm cooking dinner and tidying up after her, then ill sit down and she'll come see what I'm up to maybe sit on me, 8/9 o'clock getting very hyper running back and forth around the living room. then usually put her in bed with me for half n hour again she's usually very entertaining running around the bed like a crazy women.

Then back to bed in her cage until 6am. which she seems happy with. But this weekend her first weekend with us has thrown me a little bit, she didn't seem herself I put her cage on the kitchen floor open all weekend so she can come and go as she pleases, or go to bed if she gets tired which she did but also whilst running around she seemed quite tired maybe I'm not sure.

Noticed her just sitting in a quiet place in the room not necessarily hidden but a bit hidden.

I was trying to figure out if she was sleeping or not, she's also started burrowing and digging which she wasn't doing before. and developed a little bit of an attitude she's started turning her back on me which is fine, she didn't get to that hyper stage at 8/9 like she usually does, I let her roam around more of the house than usual hoping that would spark some excitement but not really.

She has also stopped jumping and trying to get away when I pick her up to put her away, I'm worried that's out of sheer fright and not that she's used to me and knows I'm not gonna hurt her. I know I should be patient with her and give it time, but my biggest fear is that she's really unhappy and I'm trying my best and I just hope its enough.

Any suggestions or recommendations on anything I can do to win her over. Or make her happy. And any advice on if her behaviour is completely normal? and I'm being too stressy over her


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