Advice on which rabbits to get please

I would like some advice please.
I am looking at getting some new rabbits - I have previously owned mini lops that were brother and sister (neutered boy).
I am interested in getting some different breeds, I was thinking of getting 3 as I have a large hutch and thought it may be more social for the rabbits.
I am currently looking at having a netherland dwarf doe and have the option of another netherland dwarf buck (which would be neutered) and a dutch doe.
All are available in the next few weeks at 8 weeks of age.
What I am concerned about is the chances of them getting along and what is the best mix trio to maximize chances of them successfully living in harmony?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Nov 03, 2015
Doe and Kits
by: Brooke

A doe and two of her kits is a pretty good combo. I kept a male and a female kit. Just be sure to get the male dessexed when he is old enough. Mine get along fine. They groom one another and when a wild rabbit came into the yard once, the little male rabbit ushered his mum and sister into the bedding area of the hutch to protect them.

Nov 19, 2013
your question about a buck and 2 does
by: Ian

If you go to the 'Training/introducing ' tab on this site, then on that page, hit the 'introduce a new rabbit' link. There is some advice there.

Nov 19, 2013
mixing sexes
by: Anonymous


I am afraid it is not an exact science. You may find that a buck and two does get along fine, although I do have some reservations that one doe may be left out.
I have had three does together all living in harmony and I have have had a male and doe which is obviously fine and also two bucks living together fine.
But in all cases they were neutered (bucks) or spayed (does)AND I also had them from when they were babies.
Although it is not common,you can get a rabbit which just wont get along with ANY other rabbit.
It is just a question of doing your best and hope it works out.
Have a look on this site (and others) to see if they offer any advice

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