Advice needed about roaming male rabbit becoming a nuisance

by Rachel
(Auckland, NZ)

We have a female rabbit who for last few days has been pestered by a male roamer- nobody seems to own him or has responded to any messages/ social media posts.

Apparently he just lives freely in the area.
The problem is that he has taken a huge interest in our female rabbit and will not leave the cage/run alone.

Every two minutes he is back despite our efforts to shoo him away. He has also started to spray her and mark/ leave droppings all over around her run (I have washed her off 3 times in the last 8 hours!)

She is getting spayed tomorrow as a result of the unwanted attention but will this be enough to keep him away?
Is there anything else that can be done to deter him? He seems to be acting territoriality now too and it is stressing both Midnight (the rabbit) and me!

I am reluctant to ring the council/SPCA as I know that their solution for rabbits is a 7 day chance at being re-homed and then euthanized.

Help and advice on how to deal with 'persistent Peter the (sex) pest' desperately needed.


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