weight loss & excessive soft cecals

by DottiesMomma
(BC, Canada)

I'm very worried about my bunny. She is a spayed 4 year old lop. Her weight is normally about 5.5 lbs but she is now far too thin and is just under 4.5 lbs.

In addition to her weight loss, she has been producing too many cecals... some of which are extremely mushy.

I've had the vet examine her teeth. They are in good shape.
I've had the fecal float test done. Nothing unusual presented.
I've had her blood work done. Everything on the test looked good.
She is spayed, so uterine cancer isn't possible.

I took her off her oxbow pellets for a month. No improvements. In fact, she lost a fraction of weight and so an exotic vet I consulted with over the phone (there is no exotic pet or bunny specialist in my area) told me to give her about a half tablespoon of pellets a day to try and get her weight stabilized.

I had also taken her off fresh veggies which was a mistake and the exotic vet told me to re-add them slowly to her diet. I've now done that. It hasn't made anything worse with the excessive cecals.

She has a constant supply of Timothy Hay, Botanical Hay, and Oat Hay. Orchard Grass Hay occasionally.

She has constant access to a mineral lick and fresh water.

The veggies she gets daily are Romaine lettuce, parsley, a sprig of basil, green lettuce (never ice berg) and dandelion greens when I can get them. The exotic vet told me to maybe avoid spinach and kale for now so that's what I've been doing.

I'm going to start her on bottled water tomorrow as that's the only thing I haven't tried.

I've also been giving her a bit of the Oxbow Critical Care food to try and get her weight increasing. My poor little girl is way too skinny!!! I can feel her spine, hip bones and shoulder bones. It's breaking my heart!!!

She seems behaviorally OK. Sometimes a bit more affectionate than other times but I'm not sure if it's just because I've been spending so much extra time with her to try and get her better.

Anyone have ideas? Advice? A similar experience? Please help me help my sweet Dottie!!! I love her sooo much. :'(

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Jul 05, 2016
Pinworms NEW
by: Anonymous

Has the same experience with my mini lop. It was pinworms. There is a medication for it and 409 spray cleaner is good for cleaning the floor and cage to prevent re-infestation.

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