Not sure what kind of lop bunny I have

Hello everyone
My rabbit (Pluto) has full cheeks, and has a broken gray and white pattern on his back, it looks like white wings with gray dots on them :) .

His ears reach the ground below him, and they are pretty long considering he's not even a year old! Also, he is reaching the size of my fully grown Dutch bunny and she is pretty big! Not sure if he is a mini lop or a French lop, in fact I am not really sure what kind of lop he is at all.

He is so sweet, and loves being rapped up in a cozy blanket, but he hates being carried upside-down (like you would a baby), while my Dutch bunny loves it! Also, Pluto has fairly long fur (of course not as long as a French Angora), but long for a lop bunny. I am positive that Pluto isn't a giant, though.

At the pet store I am sure that they said he was a mini lop, but Pluto's ears reach the ground (like I said previously) and in pictures of mini lops, that I have seen, don't have ears that reach the ground. The store was wrong about his gender, so maybe they where wrong about his breed too.

Sorry for not adding a picture but I don't know how to upload one from my phone onto the computer. Please let me know what you think, because we are actually excepting kits (baby rabbits) and want to know what kind they are! Thanks.

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