Lionhead Rabbit Brothers-Constantly Thump!

by Brooke
(North Carolina)

Hi everyone
I purchased two beautiful lionhead brother-bucks at 9 weeks old, and both have since been neutered and are currently 24 weeks of age.

I am new to rabbit ownership, and have fallen madly in love with these amazing little creatures. Both have been raised indoors since the time moment they were introduced to my family.

I have gradually increased their free-roam space, have been sure to handle/groom each bun every day, and have even turned an entire room in my home into their pen/safe-haven. Basically, they rule the roost. Despite the fact that they live like kings and have been consistently around humans from day one, these two jaspers thump at me at any given chance.

Based on my research, a thump is to send off a warning or fear. It breaks my heart! They each thump before feedings, when I approach them, after grooming time, after "treat" time, during litter name the interaction, no matter what, I get a thump. It's starting to give me a complex, and make me feel as though they each despise me. Any insight into this behavior, how to gain more of their trust, or how to overcome it?? I love them to pieces and would love some reciprocity!

Rabbitmaters note: Please look at our site, there is a whole page on what different rabbit behaviour traits indicate.

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