Baby kits 7 days old

by Joni

I have a doe that had her first litter of 6 kits which are now 7 days old. I have a store bought rabbit hutch that has a ramp to the second level.

The doe made her nest on the second level and gave birth. So far no problems, till I went outside today to give fresh water and 3 of the kits were on the bottom level squirming around. They seemed to be ok with no injuries that I could see, so I put them back upstairs with the others.

I made a little nesting box out of cardboard to hopefully keep them in place so the doe can nurse all of them. I am wondering is this is normal for them to be scurrying around at 7 days or need I worry about them falling again. The second level does have a slide door that you can shut, but, then the does is unable to get into her babies to nurse.

Any suggestion would be appreciated

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